PUT YR LAYRS ON - mixed media workshop

January 26 through February 9

With instructor Michael Costanza, learn to build a cradled wood panel and use various art techniques to create a mixed media one-of-a-kind piece-of-mind. All participants completing this three week workshop will have the opportunity to exhibit their work on the walls of Feed as the second group installment of the Lower Level Levens.

Feed Provides: wood, glue, brushes, hammers, nails, drills, matte medium, etc.
You Provide: papers, envelopes, old books, comics, wrapping paper, junk mail, magazines, pencils, paint, anything else you want to use, etc.

Registration fee: $40
To register email: spill.forward@yahoo.com

For inspiration check out these awesome artists:
Arturo Herrera
Mark Bradford
Kerry James Marshall
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Fred Free
Andrew Schoultz
Shaun O'Dell

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