Littlest Prints

From January 20th through February 13th Feed is presenting an exhibition of small prints culled from 2009's Littlest Print Exchange coordinated by Christopher Clark.

The Littlest Print Exchange is a juried trade of tiny 3.5" x 3.5" art prints. Fifty printmakers and photographers from around the world were invited to submit an edition of prints. These editions were then collated into portfolios containing one print from each of the fifty artists and sent back out to all of the participants. The exchange was announced in February of 2009 and completed in November of the same year.

Participating Artists include Jennifer D. Anderson from California, Trina Baker from Kansas, Rakesh Bani from India, John Bergmeier from Michigan, Donald Booth from California, Marc Bosworth from Kansas, Brainstorm from New Jersey, Craig Burkhalter from Georgia, Katarzyna Cepek Idaho, Christopher Clark from Illinois, Bonnie Cook from Washington, Michael Costanza from Illinois, D. Wesley Davis from Kentucky, Patricia Delgado from Spain, Daryl DePry from Nevada, Karri A. Dieken from Washington, Erin Dollar from Oregon, Carolina Espinosa from Canada, Kari Garon from Wisconsin, Brett Grunig from California, Mary Hanson from Minnesota, Stephanie Harvey from Pennsylvania, Nancy Jo Haselbacher from California, Robert Howsare from Ohio, Ter├ęz Iacovino from New York, Ashley Kanaley from New York, Mari LaCure from Kansas, Adam Laughlin from China, Amos Leager from Missouri, Melody Knight Leary from Connecticut, Luke Leyden from New Jersey, Big John Lingenfelter from Arizona, B. Love from Idaho, Nichol Markowitz from Hawaii, Jill Marie Mason from Indiana, Casey Neumann from Hawaii, Carrie Ohm from Illinois, Matthew Pazzol from Indiana, Sage Perrott from West Virginia, Diana Phillips from the United Kingdom, Roxanne Phillips from Missouri, Joanne Price from Minnesota, Dennis Raines from Washington, Pete Rangel from Illinois, Lindsay Riley from Kentucky, David Spencer-Pierce from Missouri, Lee Turner from United Kingdom, Lorna Turner from California, Jessica Van Swol from Illinois, and Maggie White from California.

For more information on the exchange and each of the participating artists please visit The Littlest Print Blog.

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