We're Coming Back!

Hello friends and family and soon-to-be friends and family of Feed! Remember us? We’re happy to announce we’ve secured a location in downtown Kankakee and we’re coming back. For the past month we’ve been working on renovating the storefront at 259 S. Schuyler Ave. It’s not just two of us developing Feed this time, there’s a whole lot of us and we’re all excited to plant some seeds that will feed the Kankakeeland communities.
The space will house a studio where visual and performing art classes for all ages will be taught, and  a gallery space where art, in all of its various forms, will be exhibited, discussed, and celebrated. Feed is going to be a place for people to come and learn about one another and about each other’s cultural traditions, a place to spread awareness and to simply share.
There is still much work to be done  but we wanted to get some buzz out there about what we’re working very hard to bring to you and Kankakee. Follow us on Facebook or our new website feedarts.com for updates as they develop.


We were onsite all day in the Artist Alley of the 2012 Merchant Street MusicFest screen printing a bunch of hometown pride t-shirts in four different designs and listening to over 30 awesome bands. It was a blast.

At the end of the day, we had a few extra shirts leftover. If you want to get your hands on one, do it quickly. There are really only one or two left of each available size and they are going fast.

The Teensy Tiniest Print Exchange

Want to be a part of something really small?

The Teensy Tiniest Print Exchange is an art trade, with no assigned theme, open to anyone who wants to participate. The challenge of the exchange is to create a composition that works successfully at a ridiculously small scale; only one inch square.

Each artist will make an edition of 25 prints and send them to the Littlest Headquarters. In return, he or she will receive 24 prints selected randomly from the submitted prints. At the close of the exchange, a gallery of all the prints will be exhibited at littlestprintexchange.com.

To participate, check out the guidelines and get started on your prints today. GUIDELINES

Fixed Focus

The annual collaborative printmaking project (the Littlest Print Exchange) is in its fourth year now. A few months ago, it was decided that the project should branch out to include photographic prints more prominently. To that end, an LPE side project called Fixed Focus, an open exchange of photography, was proposed. It is a pretty simple project. Each participating artist sends in an edition of 16 identical photos and, in return, receives a random portfolio consisting of photos by the other participants.

So if you want to participate, just make sixteen 4"x5" horizontal photos and send them to Chris by January 30th. Make sure to include your name and address, along with a website address so you can receive proper credit. The prints will be sorted out and sent back out to you in a nice package by the end of February. All of the sorted details are available at the official Fixed Focus Website. While you're there, take a moment to check out the galleries of Littlest Print Exchange portfolios.