East Meets West

Saturday, January 23rd. 3:00 p.m.

Join us at Feed Art Center as we proudly present the first in a series of cultural lectures and presentations. East Meets West will feature Stefen Robinson and Manpreet Bedi driving a discussion on the traditional Indian Tabla rhythm and melody synthesized with Western improvisation. The presentation will include a musical performance featuring Stefen on electric mandolin and Manpreet on the Indian tabla drums.

Raised on bluegrass, rock, and Motown in Kankakee, Stefen Robinson always had an interest in a variety of music, both as a listener and a performer. From traditional instruments like cello, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and mandolin, to digital media and beatmaking, Stefen is a true multi-instrumentalist. Stefen has garnered acclaim as the "Yea Big" half of the experimental hip-hop duo, Yea Big + Kid Static.

Manpreet Bedi began playing tabla at the age of 6 and started formal instruction at the age of 10. Manpreet received his classical tabla training from Pandit Raman Sharma and Pandit Anup Ghosh of Farukhabad Discipline, as well as training in various styles of classical singing, semi-classical singing, and folk music from Julah Borah of Kirana Discipline. He has performed in numerous concerts in India, Bangladesh and the United States. He had also performed on All India Radio and on All India Television on several occasions.

Entry fee to this unique performance is totally free with a donation of non-perishable goods for our local food pantries (tuna, peanut butter, spam, rice, breakfast cereal, pasta, tomato sauce, macaroni & cheese, salt & pepper, canned fruit & vegetables, etc.) Cash donations will be accepted to cover the travel expenses of our guests.

Relief Printing Workshop

Gouge Away
Monday Evening 5:00 -7:30
January 4th through January 18th

With instructor Christopher Clark, Learn the basics of relief block printmaking. Participating artists will design, carve, and print a small edition of 6" x 6" woodblock or linoleum block prints. Exhibit! All participants completing this three week workshop will have the opportunity to exhibit their work on the walls of Feed.

Feed Provides: blocks, carving tools, ink, rollers and paper
You Provide: latex gloves and old clothes or an apron (we'll be using oil based inks which will stain your favorite shirt. for real. don't wear it.)

Registration fee: $45
To register email: oldladyco@hotmail.com

For Relief Print Inspiration:
Lea Goldman
Jon Lee
Kent Ambler
Bill Fick
Sean Starwars
Hatch Show Print

Lower Level Levens Opening

The pile.paste.present workshop concluded with the Lower Level Levens exhibit. The opening reception was on Saturday, December 19th and it was full of great energy and excitement. Thanks to all for coming out to support the arts in Kankakee. Let's continue to build this city together. Another big thanks to those who purchased work - this provides encouragement and pushes the artists to continue creating.

The show will run from December 19, 2009 to January 20, 2010

In late January, I plan to hold the pile.paste.present. workshop again with an exhibition of the students' work. Look for more details soon. Until then, check out what Chris is teaching in early-mid January: his Gouge Away workshop will be dug by all!

Block Printing

Things went quicker during the first block printing session than we expected so the project has been expanded from a single color print to a multiple color one. Next Monday we're going to finish our key blocks and begin carving our second color blocks.

If anybody wants to join in, we can add another session on January 25th for newcomers.

Holiday Art Mart

This Saturday, December 12th, we'll be hanging out at the Holiday Mart at the Kankakee Public Library representing Feed. Hopefully, we'll have some pamphlets or something to pass out, letting people know that we're here, giving them some idea about what we're trying to do and answering questions about upcoming workshops and exhibitions. If you've got some time, come on by the library to say "hi" and check out some of the other local vendors. I can't make any promises, but I suspect there will be some kind of refreshments.

Lower Level Levens

You are invited to an exhibition of all the work created during Michael Costanza's Pile.Paste.Present workshop during December at Feed Art Center. The exhibition will be open from December 19th through January 20th. To celebrate everyone's work, Feed will be hosting an opening reception on Saturday December 19th from 12-4 p.m. Feed is located in the New Towne Mall at the Majestic Center in Kankakee. The exhibition will be open for viewing from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Pile.Past.Present focused on recycling, remixing, and re-contextualizing the images amongst which we live. Over the course of three weeks, the participating artists built 11" x 11" cradled birch panels and, then using mixed media and collage techniques, created modern works of art.


So far, Michael's first workshop has been pretty great. Over the first two sessions, ten artists participated. Alexa, Luke, Alissa, Caroline, Ally, Kenzie, Bea, Megan, Megan, Claire, Amy and Josie all successfully completed their cradled panels. I'm working on one too. During the next session we'll begin layering on mixed media elements. If you feel like you are missing out on all the fun, there are still four chances to get involved with plenty of space on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the next two weeks. Feel free to email Michael at spill.forward@yahoo.com to register.

LOWER LEVEL LEVENS, An exhibition of art created during this workshop is scheduled for December 19th through January 20th. There will be an artist's reception on Saturday, December 19th from 12-4pm to celebrate all of our hard work. The exhibition and the opening are 100% free. Bring your friends dude.

December Workshop

Pile, Paste and Present
Tuesdays and/or Thursdays
December 1st through December 17

With instructor Michael Costanza Learn to use light power tools and various art techniques to build a cradled wood panel. Learn to reuse, remix and re-contexualize the images amongst which we live. Exhibit! All participants completing this three week workshop will have the opportunity to exhibit their work on the walls of Feed.

Feed Provides: wood, glue, brushes, hammers, nails, drills, matte medium, christmas tree cakes, etc.
You Provide: papers, envelopes, old books, comics, wrapping paper, junk mail, magazines, pencils, paint, anything else you want to use, etc.

Registration fee: $40
To register email: spill.forward@yahoo.com

For inspiration check out these awesome artists:
Arturo Herrera
Mark Bradford
Kerry James Marshall
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Fred Free
Andrew Schoultz
Shaun O'Dell

Grand Opening

Saturday November 14th was the grand opening of the new Towne Mall at the Majestic Center, home of Feed. We quickly put up a small exhibition in the space and were there throughout the day to greet visitors and give them an overview of out future plans. Interest in the project seemed high and a fair number of people signed up for our first workshop, a three week mixed media program with Michael Costanza.

Our immediate goals include replacing the current wall sconces with track lighting, acquiring or building work tables, researching sources of high quality, affordable reproduction prints, and laying out a calender of upcoming events.

Stay tuned for more information.

Christopher Clark

Christopher Clark holds both Bachelor and Master of Art Degrees from Governors State University where he gained experience as a shop technician in a collaborative printmaking studio and as coordinator of GSU’s Visual Arts Gallery. Chris is actively involved in developing collaborative, web-based, creative projects designed to bring together artists from around the globe to cooperate toward common creative goals.

Michael Costanza

Michael Costanza has worked as an educator at the high school and junior high level. In addition, he has developed art education programs with Urban Gateways in Chicago and is currently an adjunct professor teaching drawing at Kankakee Community College. He holds both Bachelor and Master of Art Degrees from Governors State University. With his personal artwork, Michael strives to call attention to the often overlooked beauty of daily life in traditionally marginalized, urban cultures.