Relief Printing Workshop

Gouge Away
Monday Evening 5:00 -7:30
January 4th through January 18th

With instructor Christopher Clark, Learn the basics of relief block printmaking. Participating artists will design, carve, and print a small edition of 6" x 6" woodblock or linoleum block prints. Exhibit! All participants completing this three week workshop will have the opportunity to exhibit their work on the walls of Feed.

Feed Provides: blocks, carving tools, ink, rollers and paper
You Provide: latex gloves and old clothes or an apron (we'll be using oil based inks which will stain your favorite shirt. for real. don't wear it.)

Registration fee: $45
To register email:

For Relief Print Inspiration:
Lea Goldman
Jon Lee
Kent Ambler
Bill Fick
Sean Starwars
Hatch Show Print

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