December Workshop

Pile, Paste and Present
Tuesdays and/or Thursdays
December 1st through December 17

With instructor Michael Costanza Learn to use light power tools and various art techniques to build a cradled wood panel. Learn to reuse, remix and re-contexualize the images amongst which we live. Exhibit! All participants completing this three week workshop will have the opportunity to exhibit their work on the walls of Feed.

Feed Provides: wood, glue, brushes, hammers, nails, drills, matte medium, christmas tree cakes, etc.
You Provide: papers, envelopes, old books, comics, wrapping paper, junk mail, magazines, pencils, paint, anything else you want to use, etc.

Registration fee: $40
To register email:

For inspiration check out these awesome artists:
Arturo Herrera
Mark Bradford
Kerry James Marshall
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Fred Free
Andrew Schoultz
Shaun O'Dell

Grand Opening

Saturday November 14th was the grand opening of the new Towne Mall at the Majestic Center, home of Feed. We quickly put up a small exhibition in the space and were there throughout the day to greet visitors and give them an overview of out future plans. Interest in the project seemed high and a fair number of people signed up for our first workshop, a three week mixed media program with Michael Costanza.

Our immediate goals include replacing the current wall sconces with track lighting, acquiring or building work tables, researching sources of high quality, affordable reproduction prints, and laying out a calender of upcoming events.

Stay tuned for more information.