Publication: Zine Workshop

According to Stolen Sharpie Revolution, "a Zine is an independently created publication. The contents are anything you want them to be; personal experiences and stories, political ideologies, music related writings, gardening tips, travel stories, comics, photography, or anything you like. Zines can be produced by one person or a group of people and they are usually photocopied."

Feed and Libro Books are presenting a zine making workshop on the evening of October 15 at Libro Bookstore in the new Towne Mall at the Majestic Centre. We'll go over the history of the zine and mini-comic scene, and cover a few of the most common methods of layout and binding. Together, we'll work on creating a collaborative zine to be published by Feed and offered for sale at Libro.
    We'll provide:
  • Supplies needed for designing a zine layout: paper, scissors, markers, stencils, staplers etc.
  • Publishing and marketing
  • Music and snacks
  • A copy of the finished zine for each participant
    You provide:
  • Found images for creating collage pages
  • Cool ideas
So here are the details
What: Publication
When: October 15th, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Libro Bookstore, 150 N Schuyler - Lower Level, Kankakee, IL

For inspiration check out: Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Optical Sloth, Zine World, Quimbys, We Make Zines.

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