Triple Threat

Triple Threat, an exhibition of the work created during our last three events, Put Yr Layrs On, Gouge Away, and Speed Painting will be on display here at Feed Art Center from February 13 through 27. We will be hosting a closing reception on Saturday, February 27 from 2:00-4:00 pm.

Put Yr Layrs On was a mixed media collage workshop focusing on recycling and re-purposing ephemeral paper material into unique art objects. The artwork created during the Gouge Away workshop consists of block printed ink on paper. And finally, Speed Painting was an open studio session in which participants were encouraged to produce a completed painting in one sitting. Participants in this exhibition include: Javier Acevedo, Megan Acevedo, Megan Anstrom, Reilly Ayers, Stephen Bauman, Cynthia Bauman, Christopher Clark, Michael Costanza, Kelly Costanza, Roy Marin, Rhiannon Sallas, Claire Skelly and Jessica Van Swol.

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